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The Global Plant Council (GPC)

The Canadian Society of Plant Biologists is a founding member, and a key supporter, of the Global Plant Council (GPC) ( globalplantcouncil.org)

What is the GPC?

The Global Plant Council is a coalition of national, regional and international societies representing plant, crop and agricultural and environmental sciences across the globe.

Currently, there are 27 member societies from all continents (globalplantcouncil.org/about-us/members)

The mission of the Global Plant Council (GPC) is to

  • Facilitate the development of plant science for global challenges.
  • Foster international collaborations and enable the effective use of knowledge and resources.
  • Provide an independent and inclusive forum to bring together all those involved in plant and crop research, education and training.

GPC Governance

Society representatives Each member society provides one representative to the GPC (usually 3-year terms), who discuss and vote on GPC business at the annual meeting. The current CSPB representative to the GPC is Carl Douglas, CSPB Science Policy Director.

President The President of the GPC is William (Bill) Davies, Professor of Plant Biology at Lancaster University, UK.

Executive Board Members of the Executive Board of the GPC are elected to three-year terms by individual societies, usually through their GPC representatives, and meet regularly using electronic media.

The elected incoming members of the Executive Board (in October, 2015) are:

  • Barry Pogson - Australian Society of Plant Sciences – Chair
  • Ariel Orellana - Chilean National Network of Plant Biology – Vice Chair
  • Vicky Buchanan-Wollaston - Society of Experimental Biology - Treasurer
  • Carl Douglas - The Canadian Society of Plant Biologists/La SocietĂ© canadienne de biologie vĂ©gĂ©tale - Executive Board Member
  • Yusuke Saijo - Japanese Society of Plant Physiology - Executive Board Member
Staff The GPC employs two staff members:
  • Ruth Bastow - Executive Director
  • Lisa Martin - Outreach and Communications Manager

Example GPC Activities

Website – actively curated with news, initiatives, resources relevant to the global plant biology community, as well as information about the GPC and its initiatives

Monthly E-Bulletin – available electronically and by email subscription

Plant Resilience Workshop - the GPC and the Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) will be holding a Stress Resilience Symposium on 23–25 October 2015 in Foz do Iguacu (Iguazu Falls), Brazil in conjunction with IPMB 2015, the International Plant Molecular Biology Congress.

Annual Meeting - the Annual Meeting of the GPC will be held at 29–30 October 2015, at Foz do Iguacu (Iguazu Falls), Brazil

Initiatives - the GPC is currently developing three Initiatives, with the hopes of raising awareness of how plant biology can contribute to solutions global problems, and help support funding for plant biology research globally

  • Diversity Seek & Digital Seed Bank
  • Biofortification
  • Stress Resilience
See globalplantcouncil.org/initiatives for more information.

Annual Reports

Further information

Please consult the GPC website (globalplantcouncil.org) for more information about the GPC and its activities, or contact CSPB Science Policy Director and GPC representative Carl Douglas (carl.douglas@ubc.ca) for more information about the CSPB and the GPC, and how you can become involved.

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