Photograph #1. First Gold Medal: Presented to Art Neish by Don Mortimer, Ste.-Foy, June 1970.

Photograph #2. Animated discussion between Michael and Jean Shaw and Dave Siminovitch, Halifax, June 1972.

Photograph #3. Dave Fensom and Roger Horton at Carleton University in Ottawa, June 1971.

Photograph #4. Dave Canvin, Don Ursino and Andre D'Aoust, Hamilton, June 1974.

Photograph #5. Gold Medal Award: Dave Siminovitch and Mary Spencer, Halifax, June 1972.

Photograph #6. Nestor Rosa and Marlene Phillips, McMaster University, Hamilton, June 1972.

Photograph # 7. Connie Nozzolillo, Johan Hellebust, and Fathey Sarhan, Montreal, January, 1974.

Photograph #8. Frank Whightman, Gordon McLachlan, and George Setterfield, Carleton University, Ottawa, January, 1970.

Photograph # 9. Roger Paquin, and Don Mortimer, Guelph, June 1976.