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National Meetings

2017 CSPB/SCBV Annual General Meeting

Next year's Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Plant Biologists will be held jointly with the meeting of the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) and the International Society of Photosynthesis Research (ISPR).

The meeting will take place in Montreal, on July 14-18, 2018. https://aspb.org/event/plant-biology-2018/

Regional Meetings

Eastern Regional Meeting

Western Regional Meeting

    Together with John Markham, we are organizing the first ever joint western regional meeting of the Canadian Society of Plant Biologists and Canadian Botanical Association, December 10-12 at the ALT Hotel in beautiful downtown Winnipeg where Eastern and Western Canada meet on Treaty One Territory.

    As part of our collective mandate to support research discoveries and innovation, this unique meeting will bring together scientists with keen interests in broad areas of plant biology from across Western Canada.

    Our Keynote Speaker this year is Dr. Jill Hamilton from North Dakota State University who will present her work: ‘Teasing apart the genetic basis of adaptation in a changing climate’. In addition to scheduled talks and poster sessions we are also offering workshops that will focus on broad aspects of plant biology research and hosted at the i) Manitoba Museum to provide insight on how plants adapt to their environments ii) University of Manitoba Herbarium to expand one's knowledge of plant and fungal collections and iii) UofM campus to process and visualize next generation RNA sequencing data.

    Together, this meeting will bridge plant scientists with similar research goals, interests, and outcomes and will solidify Western Canada as leaders in cutting edge plant biology research. We hope to provide up and coming students and researchers with opportunities to showcase the potential of their work and provide opportunities in Western Canada’s growing applied plant biology sector.

    We hope you will take this opportunity to come and reconnect with old friends, meet new colleagues and potential collaborators, and take some time to enjoy some of the many attractions Winnipeg has to offer.


Plant Biology Meetings | Congrès biologie végétale

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